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School Sports Physical

Many schools and school districts require a variety of forms and certifications before students are allowed either to attend class or participate in various sports. The requirements for various forms depend on the school but may include those listed below. Be certain to bring your blank forms to your appointment prior to the due date set by your school.


Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) Care Plan

This plan was developed by the Centers for Disease Control for children who may have received a concussion playing a sport or participating in any other activity. The form presents a guideline for a child’s gradual return to daily activities including daily routines, school and sports. The form list do’s and don’ts to allow complete healing.


In Houston this form is available in both English and Spanish. This plan provides the basic information the school staff needs to know to assist a student who may have a seizure. It includes first aid, parent and physician contact information, and specific medications. This form was also developed in conjunction with the CDC.


This form contains most of the information a school needs to help manage children’s asthma while they are in school. It usually includes an asthma action plan, asthma history form, and encounter forms for school nurses. There is also a contact form school nurses can use to advise physicians of asthma issues and whether or not the child is participating in P.E.

Allergy Action Plan

Many students are allergic to various foods or other materials. The Allergy Action Plan is used by the school to help monitor activities as well as allow the students to self-administer medications. The parent, student, and physician must work closely with the school to ensure the health and well-being of the student during the time they are in school. At Sunrise, we will assist you with questions, help complete the forms, and advise as to the proper treatment plan for your student.


The Houston school district offers a long and short form in both English and Spanish. These forms may include blood glucose targets, a schedule of blood checks, and the child’s self-care/medication skills. Treatment protocols and details regarding insulin therapy may be included.


Most schools require any student participating in a sport to both have the approval of their parents and be physically fit. At Sunrise, we can assist any parent in completing these forms and providing a physical exam and medical history that might be required. We believe it is a good practice for a student to undergo a physical exam before beginning a rigorous activity regardless of form requirements. This will ensure your student doesn’t have any heart, lung, or other problem before they start the activity.


Virtually all schools today require students to provide a complete record of vaccinations before starting school. At Sunrise, we maintain all vaccination records and work closely with parents to see that each patient adheres to an appropriate schedule of immunizations. (see the section on immunizations here).

Schools throughout our area require a myriad of forms, both medical and personal, before and during the school year. Many of these deal with medical conditions or well-child confirmation. Sport participation forms are also a big part of students’ required paperwork. While the number and length of forms may seem overwhelming, here at Sunrise we have experience with most Houston area school requirements. Our staff can assist each parent in completing the needed information correctly. Our mission is to support each of our patients and their families in building a healthy, strong, and well-rounded patient.

Call us today for an appointment or questions. In Houston, call 281-679-6165, or in Sugarland, 281-980-0433.

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