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Perhaps there is no more anxious time for a parent than when their child comes down with an illness or injury. In some cases, children experience higher fevers than an adult with the same disease. In all cases, as a parent, there is a strong sense of anxiety and concern. At Sunrise Pediatrics, we understand. This is one of the reasons we offer a service we call, ‘continuity of care’ for all our patients.


When your child is ill call our offices for an appointment. We make every effort to see your child within 24 hours. As an alternative, you can take your child to our sister facility at Sunset Urgent Care. There you will be seen by a medical staff familiar with your child’s medical history. Whether at our pediatric care or urgent care clinics, the team will know and understand the medical history and needs of your child. This is what we call ‘continuity of care.’

Should you take your child to a standard urgent care office, there is a good chance he or she will be seen by an adult-care physician. Also, the staff will not be acquainted with you or with your child’s medical history. While these facilities offer high-quality care, we believe knowing you and your child’s medical record provides that extra level of service you get at Sunrise Pediatrics. Whether you visit Sunrise Pediatrics or Sunset Urgent Care you will find medical staff trained in treating children and providing their unique medical needs.


At Sunrise Pediatric Clinic we have paid extra attention to our process for managing insurance. Our goal is to offer the highest levels of pediatric care with a minimum of insurance paperwork. If at any time you need to visit our companion facility at Sunset Urgent care you will find that your insurance records are accessible to the staff. There’ll be no need to complete additional forms, so seeing a physician is quicker with shorter wait times. And, of course, at all time should you have suggestions that can improve our service to you, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for ideas for changing the way we do things for the better. Our mission is to provide the best pediatric care available.
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